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Building and Construction

G-MES Holdings Inc. is an American incorporated Company, with majority of its operations based in Singapore. The Company’s business core has been construction support and management, in particular, with strong market presence and position in floor safety and anti-slip industry. As the largest floor safety Company by market capitalisation in Singapore, its diversified clientele comprises construction Companies property developers, public residential properties (the Housing Development Board of Singapore), hotels, hospitals, serviced apartments, integrated developments and shopping malls, totalling over 200,000 units have adopted the products and services catered by the Company.
The Company is seeking to expand into other complementary products and services, through active integrations. It has two existing acquisition projects in the pipeline, which will significantly increase the Company’s products range and market position.
Besides the domestic market, the Company is also seeking to introduce its products and services into other Asia Pacific region through its distributorship management arm, G-MES Asia Pacific (HK) Limited, where the headquarter of this business unit will be strategically located in Hong Kong. This is for ease of access to the large untapped Chinese market, as well as to provide proximity for logistic and management of materials and manpower.